Session Highlights – Building Your Business, Cause, or Brand using WordPress

Whether you are a business looking for customers, a non-profit promoting an important cause, or a brand promoting your identity, your website is essential to your success.

During the panel discussion, Building Your Business, Cause, or Brand using WordPress, you will meet a diverse group of people who use WordPress to promote their message. The panel includes a blogger, a small business owner, a non-profit, and representatives from Carleton University and the Ottawa Citizen.

The session will be presented in two parts. You are free to attend either of the parts. The first part starts at 3:15 and the second part starts at 4:15.

The panel will discuss a range of topics, including:

  • Why each panel member chose WordPress.
  • How do they develop content that promotes their key messages.
  • How they use WordPress to attract an audience.
  • How they measure the success of their WordPress website.
  • What role social media plays and how they integrate it into their WordPress site.
  • What lessons have they learned.

The panelists include:

Julie Harrison is communications professional and an Ottawa blogger. She runs a WordPress blog called Coffee with Julie where she blogs on topics ranging from living, family life, travel, and what is new and worthwhile to see in the media. Julie will be talking about blogging, social media and her favourite coffee.

Angele Lafond is the owner of Shoebox be Gone-a bookkeeping service for small business and entrepreneurs. Angele also provides income tax services, workshops, and products such as the Ultimate Shoebox. Angele uses WordPress to promote her business.

Mary Kathryn Roberts is the Communications Advisor in the IT department at Carleton University.  MK will be speaking about Carleton University’s use of WordPress. Back in 2009 she was brought in to help with the transition to CCMS, Carleton’s WordPress-based content Management system.  As a web content specialist she designs and hosts Writing for the Web and Google Analytics workshops.

Jasmine Vesque is the Vice-president of Communications and Webmaster for a burgeoning non-profit organization: The Forget for a Moment Foundation. She will be discussing how the Foundation uses WordPress.

Charles Jaimet is the Lead Developer and Strategist of Digital Products at the Ottawa Citizen. Charles will be discussing how the Ottawa Citizen uses WordPress.

Richard Martin is the host for the panel. Richard is an online entrepreneur. He created and manages a site that provides health services to clients and continuing education training for health professionals. Before going online he did product marketing in Silicon Valley with several companies including Apple, Cisco and Broadcom. Richard now lives in Ottawa.

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