Speaker Spotlight: Brian Rotsztein

With 16 years of Internet marketing experience, Brian Rotsztein brings a seasoned approach to working with clients. As the head of several well-established web design, SEO and Internet marketing companies (RedstoneX.com, Uniseo.com, MailPrince.com,…), he helps businesses gain a competitive advantage. An entrepreneur with integrity, he implements realistic, hype-free strategies to maximize return on investment. He holds two Master’s degrees, has taught university courses, and provides professional consulting and training services for topics such as SEO, search engine marketing, and social media for business. He’s been a WordPress fan since he started using version 1.6 (in 2005!). Twitter: @brianrotsztein

Brian is presenting: Enhanced Social Media Marketing with WordPress

Why WordPress? Why do you like using WordPress? My team specializes in SEO, Internet marketing, web design and custom programming. We use WordPress in each of these respective areas for our clients on a daily basis. We have built countless websites using WordPress, not to mention a handful of plugins. Of all the different software products that we use, WordPress is one of the best. The product itself continues to improve with each version and the support community is unparalleled.
Why did you decide to speak at WordCamp Ottawa? WordPress has allowed my companies to expand in terms of clients and in-house projects. Speaking at WordCamp Ottawa provides the opportunity to give back to the community and organization.
What is your talk going to be about? In the past, I’ve given talks on using WordPress for SEO and social media marketing. Those were introductory talks that reviewed the important basics.  In this session, I’m going to take it a step further and try to get attendees to think a little more out of the box with respect to social media marketing. WordPress can be used for social media marketing far beyond a Facebook plugin and a Twitter feed in the sidebar. I’m going to emphasize a few important concepts for anyone who uses social media platforms for marketing and tie these ideas to different plugins that can help them achieve their objectives.
What is your favourite WordPress plugin or theme? Why? My favourite plugin changes from time to time but these days I’d say Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin. It continues to impress me and is very helpful for search engine optimization.
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