Speaker Spotlight: Christine Rondeau

Former Chemist and University of Ottawa graduate, Christine became a web developer in 2001.  The early days of web development consisted of building custom made php-based CMS and Movable Type blogs. Like so many other developers, Christine gradually migrated towards WordPress and has been using it in almost every project since 2005. Christine teaches WordPress at a community college in Vancouver, BC, is a forums moderator at wordpress.org and an active member of the WordPress community.

Christine is presenting: Become a better WordPress developer by contributing and giving back to the community.

Why WordPress? Why do you like using WordPress? WordPress is easy to learn as a designer, developer and user. It’s very affordable and the community is amazingly generous.
Why did you decide to speak at WordCamp Ottawa? I’m from Ottawa. I haven’t been on campus since I left in 1991. Franky, I’m a wee bit anxious about coming back.
What is your talk going to be about? How, when one gives back, one gains enormously.
What is your favourite WordPress plugin or theme? Why? There are way too many plugins for one to be my favourite. Although recently I’ve been playing around with Advanced Custom Fields and it makes enhancing sites super-duper easy. I’ve been using the same theme since 2006. It’s my own starter theme which I’ve tweaked and refined based on others like starkers, blank, classic, 2010, and _s.
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