Speaker Spotlight: Julie Harrison

As a communications strategist and freelance writer, Julie first pressed “publish” on her blog Coffee with Julie in 2009. Since then, her blog has been cited by Canadian Family magazine as one of “18 Mom Blogs We Love,” Savvy Moms’s “35 Top Mom Bloggers List,” Capital Parent Newspaper’s “Ottawa Parenting Blogs We Love,” and has been a Canadian Weblog Nominee for Parenting and Travel categories for the past three years. She is a huge fan of strong coffee and social media and you can find her on Twitter @coffeewithjulie and at www.coffeewithjulie.ca.

Julie is participating in the panel Building Your Business, Cause, or Brand using WordPress

Why WordPress? Why do you like using WordPress? When I decided to start a blog, I decided to hire a graphic design agency. I knew I wanted a great-looking blog and I knew darn well that I wouldn’t be able to create one because I have no technical skills to speak of. Really, I had no idea what WordPress was or why the agency chose it. But hey, five years later, and I’m still happy! WP has proven to be user-friendly, offer fantastic plug-ins, and most developers are happy to work with it.
Why did you decide to speak at WordCamp Ottawa? The thing I love most about blogging is the community, so when I was asked to join this panel, I said yes.
What is your talk going to be about? Each person on the panel will share their experience with WordPress through their own particular filter — whether that’s to promote a company, their own writing, or a particular social cause that they are passionate about. For me, I will be sharing my perspective as a freelance writer and communications consultant.
What is your favourite WordPress plugin or theme? Why? I’ve had great results with LinkWithin and I always click on other bloggers’ LinkWithin features as well.
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