Speaker Spotlight: Mary Kathryn Roberts

MK is the Communications Advisor in the IT department at Carleton University.  Back in 2009 she was brought in to help with the transition to CCMS, Carleton’s WordPress-based content Management system.  As a web content specialist she designs and hosts Writing for the Web and Google Analytics workshops.

Mary-Kathryn  is participating in the panel Building Your Business, Cause, or Brand using WordPress

Why WordPress? Why do you like using WordPress? From a business perspective: We needed a system that was customizable and user friendly.  The community was a big win and not only from a support perspective.  The tool is constantly improving and we’re able to stay current in our web offering.From a personal perspective: I blog using WordPress because it’s easy.  I’m not a web developer.  I’m a comms person and I love being able to focus on my content without being bogged down by the technology.  It’s so easy to add widgets and to change the look of my blog.
Why did you decide to speak at WordCamp Ottawa? It’s great to get out into the community and share stories and experiences.
What is your talk going to be about? Building Your Business, Cause, or Brand using WordPress
What is your favourite WordPress plugin or theme? Why? The Carleton CMS theme. I work with non-techy people who need to just be able to work with web content.  The CCMS theme is clean, simple and (soon to be) responsive.
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