WordCamp Ottawa Logo Contest

March 1st, 2013 is our deadline for logo submissions!

What are we looking for?

  1. A logo set. We’re looking to get a logo set for WordCamp Ottawa, the Ottawa WordPress Group, and a future Ottawa WordPress Developers Group. We would like some consistency across these different groups – a sense of unity – without being too “corporate”.
  2. A header.We also need a header to be used for the Ottawa 2013 WordCamp site, and on the central.wordcamp.org schedule.

Logos and header images can be submitted individually, you do not need to submit both.  You can submit as many entries for each as you wish.

This contest is open to Ontario and Quebec residents in approximately a 100km radius of Ottawa.  (Anyone who would be a regular attendee at our Meetups)

Submission Guidelines:
Keep the following in mind when designing your entry:

  1. Logo:
    1. Try to include the WordPress ‘W’ emblem. (Make sure you get the real one from: http://wordpress.org/about/logos/ or http://central.wordcamp.org/about/)
    2. Try to include imagery/iconography that is distinctly Ottawa.
    3. Text used in the logo should be interchangeable for each group’s name. (Look at UWO for inspiration.)
    4. We’ll use the logo on group websites, email newsletters, printed material, and swag.
    5. The logo should be able to scale without negatively affecting readability.  It needs to work for 125px x 125px web badges as well for 2 inch wide print images.
    6. We need something that can work in colour and monochrome. Design accordingly!
  2. Header:
    1. Try to include imagery/iconography that is distinctly Ottawa.
    2. Headers should be 1000 pixels wide by 160 to 200 pixels tall. They’ll be cropped and scaled to some smaller sizes to be used across the sites, so please make sure they don’t contain any text or complex imagery that would be lost at a small size. For examples, see past and upcoming camps at http://central.wordcamp.org/schedule/.
  3. All components of all entries (imagery, fonts) should be GPL compliant and will be licensed under GPL. We’re a WordPress group, after all. :)
  4. We’re a community organization, run by volunteers, and sustained by passionate people from around the area. The logos should reflect that!

How to Enter:
Submit your entries to ottawa@wordcamp.org with the subject “Ottawa Logo Contest”.
Please include:

  • Colour and monochrome examples of the logo(s).
  • SVG file of the logos.
  • Font file(s) used. (Optional, but very useful.)
  • A brief explanation of your design and the thought process behind it. (Optional, and 300 words max, please!)

The winner(s) will get:

  • credit on the group websites and printed schedules.
  • WordCamp registration fee waived for you + 1 friend,
  • Something cool to add to your portfolio.
  • A warm, fuzzy feeling of contributing to the Ottawa WordPress community.

Runner-up entries will get an honourable mention on the WordCamp Ottawa website.

How will submissions be judged?
Everyone will have the opportunity to vote for their favourite submission on the WordCamp Ottawa website, but the organizational team reserves the right to make a final decision on the winning entry. (Just in case folks try to troll the system, or any other unforeseen issues occur)

Key dates:

  • The logo contest is open from February 8th – March 1st 2013.
  • Voting will be open from March 4th – March 8th.
  • A winner will be announced in the following week of March 11th.

Questions? Comments?
You can drop a comment below, or send us your feedback directly via the Contact Us page.

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